But DASCH only oversee large construction projects, right?
Wrong! 95% of our contracts
are within the private sector,
and at a competitive price to boot. With an unbeatable track-record of over 750 buildings,
that is our guarantee.

Our vision

Around 30,000 companies make up the Austrian construction sector. So what sets DASCH apart from its competitors? “Stylish living" is our motto, which means stylish building too. For us it is not enough just to produce high quality work: that goes without saying. We want to do more than just build fabulous houses. Our biggest priority is ensuring we complete the job to your satisfaction.

Building a house is a very personal matter - at least that is how we at DASCH see it. This is why we invest time in creating the perfect living space just for you. We don’t just build or renovate your house and then disappear when the work is finished. We are there for you and your house throughout its entire lifespan.

Sustainability is a philosophy we apply not only to customers, but also to the environment (DASCH is certified with ISO 14001 for environmental management), as well as our employees. We value long-term relationships built on trust and respect. DASCH assumes responsibility for every member of the team. This means complying with industrial safety measures, enabling a flexible career path, professional development and supporting a seamless return to working life following maternity leave.